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DeSA Company is focused on customer needs nationwide to provide the highest quality materials and services. As the DeSA team, we always strive to provide cost-effective products and services that do not fail for the first time. We are aware that we are obliged to expand the knowledge and skills of our employees in order to offer our customers the best performance in the industry.

The Services We Provide, The Companies We Supported The Projects And The Jobs That We Include

► Spares and components to GAZIANTEP LRS, ESTRAM, BURSARAY, ANKARAY, Ist Uls. A.S. and Izmir Metro.
► Provide Repair and Maintenance to TELOC-1520 Electronic recording devices.
► Catenery products and Section Insulators to Ist. Uls and constructors
► Conduct training to for TCDD, TÜLOMSAS and TÜVASAS as well as ISBAN and Ist. Uls. A.S.
► Various Spare parts to Turkish Navy
► Aviation materials and equipment to Turkish Airforce
► A/C spare parts to Anadolu University Civilian Aviation School
► A/C spare parts and systems to THK
► Equipment, Electronics devices and spares to Turkish Railways
► Equipment, Electronics devices and spares to TULOMSAS
► Equipment, Electronics devices and spares to TUVASAS
► Components to Metro and Light Rail Systems to various Municipalities
► Filtration Equipment to various Industries
► Measurement Devices to Different Organizations
► Analyze errors and repair failures of electronic recording devices