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Who We Are?

DeSA was founded 17 years ago. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a new and assertive consultancy engineering company in the Turkish market. As a very dynamic and flexible company, we have specialized and specialized employees in the areas of Representation, Consulting, Engineering, Testing and Maintenance and Logistics. We are determined to establish the best relationship to win the customer and work together to deliver customer satisfaction.

What We Do?

We provide an effective and professional equipment and right systems and provide quality maintenance services by importing modern systems and quality equipment as well as providing effective consultancy, representation and engineering services to our customers by establishing alliances with manufacturers who have made names in the world market for projects in an ethical and professional manner.

We focus on customer needs across the country ...
DeSA Company is focused on customer needs nationwide to provide the highest quality materials and services. As a family business, it is based on following up the services it has been providing for perfection since 1990 and following up on the spot. With the highest degree of honesty and professionalism, we have always motivated our customers, our employees and strengthened our sense of pride in building a partnership with our customers and improving processes.

We work with a strong sense of organization...
DeSA provides a yearly certification program and training for our staff to attract and retain this high caliber group. The DeSA team strives to deliver defect-free products and services when we promise, the first time, every time. To offer our customers the best performance in the industry, we require our employees to continually expand their knowledge and skills. The DeSA operating divisions work together to form a strong, unified organization for our customers, employees and owners.

We focus on strategic plans...
DeSA annual strategic plan is tailored to meet customers and clients specific needs because we take the time to understand customers requirements.

We aim to create an endless trust environment...
The DeSA team makes every effort to ensure that the product is smooth and promising. In order to give our customers the best performance in the sector, our employees need to constantly improve their knowledge and skills. DeSA Company attaches great importance to these partners in dependable, employee-oriented, loyal and sincere manner, in accordance with the characteristics of its customers.