SÉCHERON Studies for Service Center in Turkey are going on

DeSA company as SÉCHERON SA for 17 years , inagurated SÉCHERON Service Center in Turkey at address , Ostim Organized Industrial Zone in ANKARA in 2017 and completed the following services.

• Control adjust ,repair and change defective parts of 36 ea BVAC breakers on E22000 from İZBAN at Service Center
• Control adjust ,repair and change defective parts of 42 ea MACS on E22100 from İZBAN at Service Center
• Replace,adjust, test, and maintenance of insulator on 43000 type TOSHIBA loco from TÜLOMSAŞ at Service Center
• Replacement, test, adjustment and maintenance of E68000 locomotive from TÜLOMSAŞ
• Replacement, testing, adjustment and maintenance of broken insulator on E86000 type locomotive in Malatya
• Test-adjustment-maintenance services are completed for Marmaray vehicles
• MACS training on MACS on E43000 locos provided for TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir

In addition, it was pointed out that in case of using broken insulator on vehicle, the explosion will cause the loss of life and vehicles and in order to refrain serious consequences and serious negative results the exiting insulators should be tested and changed urgently after the receipt of the compliance report which is also important to be reported to operating authorities.

The critical status was brought to attention again due to Secheron insistance as listed below in 8 line items that maintenance ,test,control and adjustments periods are exceeded according to maintenace manuals and of Secheron has been insiting.

Secheron underlines the importance of the issue once again in order not to face with accidents during the next period,mainly depends on the condition of the maintenance, control and adjustments as as we have emphasisied.
1. Electric leakage insulation test 40kV
2. Air sealing test
3. Internal pressure difference control test
4. Contact range test-time (plate-sensor)
5. Main contact wear test (plate-gauge)
6. Circuit on-off test
7. Capacitor charge discharge test
8. Physical testing