DeSA Provided High Speed Circuit Breaker (MACS) Training.

DeSA has given SECHERON MACS circuit breakers training to customers from various regions of Turkey and the Turkish State Railways SÉCHERON organized at TULOMSAS facility.

The interest of participants in Secheron MACS breaker training arranged by TÜLOMSAŞ and provided by DeSA Secheron representatvive in Tukey, was highly appreciated.
Manufacturer Swiss company SECHERON has become a world brand in the production of electrical components for rail system vehicles and stationary stations. Lastly, SECHERON, which won the contractor tender for the E43000 locomotives of TÜLOMSAŞ, stated that they were very satisfied with the interest shown for the participation from the regional directorates.

Finally, Ulaş ATAMTÜRK mentioned the importance of maintenance and operating of Secheron breakers that are operated both by TCDD organizations as well as the operatiors of the Metro by reminding the accident of ROTEM vehicle in İZBAN.
After the necessary trainings has been provided to DeSA with a certificate approved by Secheron for DeSA that it is authorized with an approved institution Procurement of test, adjustment and maintenance services required for BVAC-MACS (VCB) circuit breakers. All these adjustment controls and tests are done in accordance with the original test instrument and special tool and instructions and technical documents approved by Secheron, and it is vitally important for the safety and life of the vehicles.

In addition to the installation and operation of high-speed circuit breakers (MACS), extensive information on the tests of MACS circuit breakers, which have to be carried out at 3-year intervals, was shared with the participants.
► Electric leakage test 40kV
►Air leak test
►Internal pressure difference control test
►Contact range test-time (plate-sensor)
►Main contact wear test (plate-gauge)
►Turn on-off test
►Capacitor charging discharge test
►Physical testing