DeSA Representation, Consultancy and Engineering Co. and HaslerRail signed an agency agreement again:
DeSA is Sécheron SA representative in Turkey for 17 years and established SÉCHERON Official Service as of 2017. DeSA is also representing Arthur Flury, Comat RELECO, R2p, Tibram, API Capacitors, Gimota AG, SAB Cable successfully same as Secheron companies based in Switzerland and Germany. DeSA has signed and agency agreement with HaslerRail company (www.haslerrail.com) to add its business area in order to provide to customers service with sales and services after period of 5 years.

HaslerRail which was represented by DeSA for long years before transferred to another company as of October 1, 2015 and gave an authorization to DeSa company again in Turkish Market as of March 16, 2020.
Haslerrail is the worldwide leading supplier of high-quality on-board recording and measuring equipment that meet to the railway industry requirements. HaslerRail (www.haslerrail.com) is a manufacturer of TELOC, EMS and Pulse Generators, especially on on-board equipment. And these materials have been supplied to many of Turkey's railway vehicle.
HaslerRail serves its customers in the railway transportation segment with one of the large range of product portfolio for on-board equipment with focused on customer-oriented solutions.

HaslerRail company produces the following products not to compromise in quality and engineering:
1. Data Acquisition and Recording
- Data / Event Recorders – Juridical Recording Units (JRU)
- SIL2 to SIL4 Functions
- Badge Readers
- Voice and Video Acquisition
- Mobile Gateways
- Data Evaluation
2. Speed Sensing and Odometry
- Pulse Generators
- CORRail®1000
- Hall Effect Sensors
- Odometry Solutions
3. Visualisation Solutions and Speed Indicators
- Displays and Visualisation Solutions
- Digital Speed Indicators
- Moving Coil Speed Indicators
- Analogue and Digital Speed Indicators
4. Energy Metering
- AC and DC Meters
- Indoor Meters with Integrated DC Voltage and Current Sensors
- Energy Management Systems
- Outdoor Integrated AC Voltage and Current Sensors
- Outdoor Integrated DC Voltage and Current Sensors
- Multifunction Indoor DC Voltage and Current Sensors
- Indoor DC Voltage and Current Sensors
5. Control, Protection and I/O
- Vehicle Control Units (VCU)
- Traction Protection Relay Solutions
- Cold Movement Detection SIL4
- Remote I/O Units
6. MVB Based Communication
- MVB Boards
- MVB Bus Extenders
- MVB-to-X Protocol Converters
7. Train Backbone Communication
- WTB-MVB Gateways
- WTB-ETH Gateways
- WTB-CAN Gateways
8. EVA+ Rail Data Management