MACS Breaker of Secheron - Training was given to Tülomsaş by DeSA Representation and Consultancy Company..

DeSA as representative company in Turkey conducted a two days training on SECHERON MACS Breaker which was organized in TÜLOMSAŞ on 21-22 April 2015 and the interest of participation was highly appreaciated.

Manufacturer Swiss company has become a global brand for rail system vehicles and electrical components produced for fixed stations. Recently, SECHERON won tender for TÜLOMSAŞ's TOSHIBA locomotives, as pointed out by company general manager, Nurettin ATAMTÜRK, he added that the interest shown by participants in different regional directorates for training about operation,mantenace and test of breakers was outstanding ..

Nurettin ATAMTÜRK, pointed out the the accident in ROTEM vehicle with the latest IZBAN injury, stated the importance of compliance with the operation and maintenance instructions of breakers used by both TCDD organizations and in Metro operators.